The difference

is in the details.

The difference

is in the details.

Designed to perform.

The relationship between Man and Machine has always fascinated us, especially when both have been fine-tuned to perform at their highest level. With design, we find inspiration in the places where that marriage has produced the best results. Fields like modern architecture, athletics, and Formula-1 racing all lend invaluable insight into how we can build our shoes to improve the lives of those who wear them. For us, this starts and ends with using the highest quality materials, then continuing to find new ways to adapt them to fit around the natural shapes of your feet. It’s a process we obsess over, and one we’ll forever believe in.

Inspired by speed.

Featuring a distinctive, sleek silhouette, we tailor our lasts to resemble shoes wornby the world’s top sprinters. These lasts are inherently designed for movement, reducing resistance and encouraging agile functionality.

  • Contoured, low profile for an athletic, timeless look
  • Formula-1 inspired curvature for aerodynamic movement
  • Resoleable forefoot and heel parts
  • Heat-sensitive gluing provides welding effect between outsole and insole
  • Vaulted arch to accommodate lightweight insole
  • Lightweight, stable and flexible

Unparalleled comfort and support.

Our memory foam technology gives the foot an unbelievably soft, shock-absorbent landing with each step. By dispersing strike force, less energy is expended with each step, keeping you on your feet longer.

  • FloatForm memory foam cushioning for industry-leading comfort
  • Recoil-resistant cushioning limits aches throughout body
  • Abrasion-resistant Sheepskin lining engineered to eliminate discomfort
  • Toe and heel padding for additional support

Premium Italian leather.

We exclusively use full-grain Italian leather sourced from the top tanneries to create an incredibly durable, long-lasting shoe. With our custom-blended mixture of oils, we strengthen the leather while placing moisture back in for an extraordinarily soft touch.

  • Full-grain leather sourced directly from top Italian tanneries
  • Custom-blended formula combines vegetable and chrome-tanning for supple, resilient leather
  • Old world leather treatment allows calfskin to “age gracefully”
  • Each shoe hand finished to add uniqueness and depth
  • Leather enriched in nose, toe and arches to enhance curvature

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