Dress Shoes Like Sneakers | WOLF & SHEPHERD

Lace up a cap toe or wingtip and, yes, you look like a boss, but by lunchtime you’re inevitably calling for foot reinforcements. That’s where Wolf & Shepherd comes into play. We're introducing the shoe industry to the 21st Century with iconic dress shoes re-engineered with the highest-performance materials on the market. So, when you pull a pair on your feet, you look slick enough to attend tea with Winston Churchill, but also feel like you could head out for a run (like pro Juris Silenieks did when he won a half-marathon with W&S’s on his feet). This all makes perfect sense coming from Wolf and Shepherd’s founder, Justin Schneider, who cut his teeth as an Adidas designer and Notre Dame decathlete. Using track-shoe tech, like memory foam and carbon fiber, he surgically cut all that “legacy weight” outta W&S’s shoes — all while preserving the timeless shapes and premium leathers that make dress shoes, y’know, dressy.