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Call him an Olympian, call him a gold medalist, call him a world record holder. Whatever you call him, there’s no doubt that Ashton Eaton is one of our generation’s elite athletes. We're proud to have him represent Wolf & Shepherd.
Ashton took home gold in the Decathlon in both the 2016 Rio games and 2012 London games. He also holds the world record in the Decathlon, which he set at the 2015 World Championships after breaking the former record set by…. well, himself. Check out his record setting performance here. As if that wasn’t enough, Ashton won multiple gold medals in the Heptathlon (a track & field event) at the 2012, 2014, and 2016 World Championships. After an incredible career, he decided throw in the towel and launched into his next field of performance. 


When it comes to footwear, no one knows more than Ashton. As a decathlete, he competed in 10 different events, each one requiring a specific shoe to maximize his performance. Whether it helped him gain an extra step in the 100m dash or propelled him a few inches further in the long jump, wearing the right shoe was crucial. At the Rio 2016 games, for example, Ashton beat out his closest competitor in the 400m by only .68 seconds.


Now, as Ashton transitions to his next life event, Wolf & Shepherd shoes are helping to fuel his performance off the field. “I need something that’s high performance, something that’s comfortable and something that looks great,” explained Ashton when we caught up with him recently. Wolf & Shepherd’s got him covered, combining performance technology and style in a way that’s never been seen in a dress shoe.


As for what’s next, Ashton is focusing on health and wellness space. He and his wife recently moved to the Bay Area, and they’re working on their first tech-based venture. Through exploration and hard work, they’re looking to “contribute in a different way than just through sports.”


Wolf & Shepherd is proud to equip Ashton for the next chapter in his life, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next!


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