ADA Policy

We care deeply that our website is built responsibly and can be used by everyone. We have made every effort to ensure that our website meets current best-practices and relevant legislation. Our continuous site improvements are guided by relevant portions of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA and other recommendations. We welcome and appreciate any input to ensure our site remains accessible to all.

If you do have any feedback, questions or corrections, please contact us:

Standards and Compliance

  • All pages on this site make use of HTML5, CSS3 and other modern web technologies.
  • This site aims to comply with Section 508 by adhering to the latest version of the Web Accessibility Content Guidelines WCAG 2.0.
  • This site aims to comply with the EU’s Privacy and Communications Directive in relation to the use of cookies or similar technologies.


  • We support standards-compliant browsers as a priority and make use of progressive enhancement to ensure delivery of information to all browsers.
  • Users with older browsers will still be able to access all information, though the visual experience may differ.

Mobile Devices

  • The layout and configuration of this website has been optimized for mobile and tablet devices.
  • We have used Responsive Web Design techniques to improve the browsing experience on devices with a wide variety of screen sizes.


  • Links are written to make sense out of context - we do not use “click here”.
  • Links to downloadable documents or PDFs are clearly marked as such, and links to downloadable contact information are also clearly labeled, accompanied by semantic markup.
  • All links to external websites or resources open in the same window for accessibility reasons.


  • All content images used in this site include text alternatives.
  • All background and decorative images are created with stylesheets.
  • Our web pages are designed so that the content is still legible and accessible with images turned off, or when stylesheets are unavailable.