Closer Cap Toe - Excellent

Our Closer Cap Toe sets the standard for dress shoes. Whether the stakes are high or its just another packed Tuesday, our Cap Toe is an unwavering ally in your quest to get stuff done. Featuring its signature cap stitching across the toe, the sophisticated Cap Toe is a timeless shoe that still looks great today. When in doubt, put these on - trust us.

Crossover Chukka - Excellent

Rooted in British military history, we’ve taken the classic Chukka and injected it with modern comfort. Rebuilt on a fresh FloatForm memory foam footbed, these boots offer comfort and versatility at the speed of life. The high traction outsole offers the perfect grip, be it subway stairs or a sandstone ridge.

stone / white
Stone / White

$199 $250

pine / white
Pine / White

$199 $250

honey / white
Honey / White

$199 $250

Crossover Chukka - Fair

Crossover Longwing - Excellent

oak / white
Oak / White

$200 $250

Crossover Longwing - Fair

Designed in collaboration with Steve Nash, the Crossover™ features a soft, supple Italian nubuck and an athletic, agile sole. With its cross-functional design, this hybrid dress shoe comfortably navigates both business and casual settings – and especially the space in between.

Crossover Wingtip - Fair

Glider Sneaker - Excellent

onyx patent
Onyx Patent

$175 $195

Ringer Loafer - Excellent