Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it—you're going to feel confident in the looks we've curated for you. Here's our guide for a fun date night in—complete with two style options.

Date Option #1

Dress it up

with your crossover longwing

longwing flatlay valentine lookAn elegant celebration.

Put on your best suit, pop open a bottle of champagne, and order in from an upscale French restaurant. Staying in doesn't have to mean casual—make this night an excuse to dress up and splurge. 

Date Option #2

Dress it down

with your crossover loafer

loafer flatlay valentine look

Comfy quality time. 

Layer on a polished but cozy outfit, cook your favorite meal together, and dine while listening to playlist of songs you both love. They will appreciate the effort you put into the night and you'll enjoy it too.