Wolf & Shepherd runner, Juris Silenieks set the half-marathon World Record for fastest time ran in Dress shoes when he crossed the finish line of the Hotlanta Half-marathon this Sunday with a time of 1:17.05 averaging a pace of 5:53 per mile. Silenieks won the race wearing a pair of Wolf & Shepherd’s Honey Cap Toe’s to emphasize the comfort features and running shoe technology concealed in each dress shoe. These dress shoes are designed by former Adidas footwear designer, Justin Schneider who was a decathlete at Notre Dame and is the founder at Wolf & Shepherd.

1000+ runners toed the start line across from “The World of Coca-Cola”, but Silenieks was the only competitor wearing dress shoes. Spectators and other runners were doubtful that Silenieks could finish the 13.1 mile race around Atlanta in his Wolf & Shepherd shoes. Amongst doubters Silenieks led the field from the start and by the first mile he had a sizable lead on the entire field, wowing onlookers.


Wolf & Shepherd: Dress to Perform

Wolf & Shepherd is a men’s premium dress shoe line geared towards the high-performing young professional. The concept came from the problem professionals face, going to and from work in sneakers just to avoid the common discomfort found in a quality dress shoe.

We live in the 21st-Century and we have the technology to be comfortable when we first put on our shoes to when we take them off at the end of the day. Wolf & Shepherd shoes give you that comfort by providing you with a memory foam insole while maintaining a classic Italian silhouette and the highest standard of leather on the market. Other comfort features are adapted from running shoes by replacing the wood and nails in a classic dress shoe with a high-density foam (HDEVA) found in an ultra marathoners running shoe to make the shoes lightweight and comfortable. Wolf & Shepherd shoes are also resolable so you can wear your shoe for years to come.