A simple guide to staying productive, sane, and healthy as we navigate this unique time.

WFH Tip #1: Sit upright while working. 
Often the most comfortable position to relax in is the least comfortable to type in. 

WFH Tip #2: Don’t abandon your morning routine. 
Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Put on presentable clothes. Your mind is a creature of habit - trick it into productivity.

WFH Tip #3: Start a group chat with coworkers - even if you normally don’t text them.
We all have that buddy we’re friends with at work but never talk to outside of it. With less in-person communication we have to go out of our way to create it. Get the convo going!

WFH Tip #4: Create an office-like environment. 
Model your optimal work space in a private area of your house, then use it religiously.

WFH Tip #5: Don’t have the news on in the background all day.
Of course, take designated breaks to catch up, but don’t get caught in the 24 hour news cycle. It’s a black hole right now. 

WFH Tip #6: Call someone daily. 
Self-induced isolation naturally means less communication. Make a point to get on the phone with a friend or family member every day. You’ll both have a lot to share and even more to learn.

WFH Tip #7: Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. Move your body.
Your pantry is probably fuller than it’s ever been at a time when you’re unable to move as freely as you’d like. Challenge yourself to treat your body right.

WFH Tip #8: Remember this affects everyone.
Everyone under your roof is going through their own version of this. We’ll all get frustrated at some point. Put effort into making their lives easier and you’ll likely find it reciprocated!


Need more inspiration? We found these to be helpful resources:


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Stay healthy everyone!
-Wolf & Shepherd