Wolf & Shepherd hits the streets of Los Angeles

Breaking routine can be hard. We often find ourselves to be creatures of habit, opting to stay within a self-defined rhythm rather than dabbling in the unknown. For many guys this is most noticeable in our clothing, and getting us to depart from what we know and trust scares us more than we’d like to admit. I mean, all we want is for our clothing to be a representation of who we are while also projecting an image of “cool” to others but also being functional, comfortable, durable, trendy, authentic and made from high-quality materials. Is that so much to ask?

At Wolf & Shepherd, we realize that sometimes the best way to create change is to force it yourself, so we took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles to get people to try on our newest shoe - The Bannister Derby. The result? The realization that better is out there if you’re willing to look. 


An upgrade to your shoes is a change worth pursuing, and our Bannister Derby is the perfect way to make the right statement while still being you. Check them out!