Dress for the office you want, not the office you (currently) have.

Like many, some of the outfit choices we've come up the past few days have been…questionable at best. Items that never belong together, color combinations that would make a scrambled Rubik’s cube blush - it’s been a learning process.

But hey, at Wolf & Shepherd we’re quick learners! Or we've just teased each other enough on video conference to know what we shouldn’t be doing. It’s hard to say.

Regardless, we all need to find an edge right now, so we’ve put together a few tricks that help you dress your way towards productivity. 


The “Bare Minimum” Style Guide

  1. Commit to "getting dressed" soon after waking up. It get's harder the longer you wait, and you'll feel good having checked that off.

  2. Don't wear yesterday's clothes. Put on something clean each morning.

  3. Wear at least one item you’d be happy being caught in running into a coworker. Can’t say no to sweatpants? Put on a shirt or sweater you really like. Want to wear a hoodie? Put on your comfiest pair of non-sweats. You’ll naturally feel more on top of it.

  4. Socks - try to match them. Underwear - try to wear 'em. 

  5. Keep your hat on forward. If you're not wearing one, comb your hair. Bedhead is for 6-year olds. (No offense to all our 6-year old readers.)

  6. Shoes? For a temporary house shoe, nothing beats our Gunner Driver. With its unmatched cushioning and softness, it’s a shoe as comfy in the house as it is outside of it.

  7. Most importantly: If it's not comfortable, keep it in the closet! 

Whatever you find works best for you, make sure you commit to it each day. It'll at least give you control over something - a rare feeling right now.

Be well,
Wolf & Shepherd

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