The Gunner: Making a Lightweight, Waterproof Driver

1960s Europe was an era defined by classic style and performance driving machines. European men driving classic cars through the cobblestone streets were in need of a functional shoe to slip on for long rides. Traditional dress shoes in those days were cumbersome, stiff and lacked the grip to easily accelerate or slam on the brakes. In came the driving shoe, the first shoe designed to improve the auto experience.

The drivers caught fire and soon became a wardrobe staple for any man. Driving shoes are known for their laid back moccasin style and rubber pebble outsoles extending up the heel of the sole. These rubber soles prevent slippage and provide stability while driving. The comfort, ease, and grip of these suede slip-ons soon transitioned the driver from strictly being a shoe worn in the car, to be an all-day, everyday classic style shoe.

The Gunner

The Gunner // Courtside from Wolf & Shepherd on Vimeo.

Wolf & Shepherd, inspired by the European innovation in the 1960s, has taken the timeless driver and radically updated its classic look. Waterproof suede uppers, instant-forming memory foam footbed, ultra-soft sheepskin lining, and full rubber outsoles combine to make the most comfortable men’s dress shoe around. We’ve taken a style already known for its comfort and implemented Wolf & Shepherd’s performance technology to create the Gunner Drivers, a slip-on to keep you dry and light on your feet. The driver is a comfortable and versatile shoe that pairs well with any look ranging from jeans to casual slacks, to ankle length dress pants.

The Gunner Driver ($225), comes in four colorways: StoneCognacNavy, and Chocolate.




When designing the Gunner Series, our founder Justin Schneider worked closely with a family-run tannery in Germany that specializes in suedes for supercar auto-manufacturers to produce shoes with the most effective waterproof suede. While we would not necessarily recommend jumping into a pool in your new Gunner Drivers, we can assure you that if there is a small spill or if you find yourself sprinting in the rain to your office, The Gunner will hold up through the storm.


Wear the Driver wherever your summer takes you, without worrying about rainy weather or lack of comfort. You’ll be dressed in style to perform on-the-go.