Question for you:

Why would you ever get a car wash? Does it give your car better handling? No. Does help engine performance? No. Does it create a smoother ride? No.

Despite this, if you pass by any car wash you’ll see a line full of cars. Heck, you’ve probably had a car wash recently yourself...

So why do we do it then? Because it feels GOOD, that’s why. When your car looks its best, it rubs off on you a bit as well. You look forward to driving, you care for it a little more, you sit a little taller in your seat - positive energy is generated and released to the world. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

Now imagine if getting a wash not only made your car look great, but made it a healthier machine as well. You’d probably make a point to do it regularly. It’d be silly not to!

*When it comes to your shoes, our Shoe Care Kit  does exactly this.*

By sourcing the best materials and ingredients from around the world, our Shoe Care Kit ensures your shoes stay healthy, vibrant and resilient during even the toughest stretches. Check out what’s inside below and make sure you get it for yourself!


  • Restoration Cream

Our Restoration Cream gives life back to shoes, and is the first step in properly taking care of your leather. By removing dirt and blemishes, this vital cream is a welcome sight to well-worn shoes.

  • Shoe Cream

Help your shoes retain their rich color with our Shoe Cream. This teakwood-scented cream rejuvenates shoes by adding moisture back responsibly, keeping leather healthy and durable.

  • Shoe Wax

Keep your shoes protected with our Shoe Wax. By sealing in moisture while adding a brilliant shine, it's perfect before an event or important day.

  • Repellent Spray

Withstand the elements with our Repellent Spray. Rain, wind, and snow are no match for this robust spray, which will keep your shoes protected no matter the conditions.

  • 100% Horse Hair Brush 

Gentle but firm, this brush is great for both cleaning debris off shoes and giving them additional shine.

  • Branded Terry Cloth

The perfect material for applying creams and waxes, using this cloth is a must for properly taking care of your shoes.


Our Shoe Care Kits literally do it all. Get yours today and keep your shoes their best for a long, long time!


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