Picture this: You’re in Pamplona, Spain. Six 2,000 pound bulls are charging at you at over 20 miles per hour. A sea of people are scrambling in every direction. You’ve got to get moving, and fast. Seems like the perfect place to test out a pair of dress shoes, right?
On July 8th, 2018 we put our shoes to the ultimate test when we ran with the bulls in Pamplona. Wolf & Shepherd founder Justin Schneider strapped on a pair of special edition Gambit Double Monks, and went for the run of his life...literally (check out his encounter with the bulls below.)
All of us (including Justin) were a bit nervous about how it would all turn out, but fortunately he outran the chaos and came back in one piece. Phew.
“We believe in finding ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible 一 not just in our dress shoes, but in all aspects of life,” said Justin, adrenaline still pulsing through his body post-run. “We wanted to dispel the notion that your dress shoes are limiting in any way.” Asked how the shoes felt, Justin’s face brightened. “They felt fantastic. All the time and effort we’ve put into making these the best performing dress shoes available were on display today.” 
spanish red


In celebration of the Running of the Bulls and our entire experience in Spain, last year we released the limited edition Toro Collection - and your response was amazing. These hand-burnished, Spanish Red shoes embody the event’s renowned historical tradition, and incorporate the modern comfort you’ve come to expect from Wolf & Shepherd.
Given the demand and continued interest in these amazing shoes, we've brought back the Toro Collection, again available in our our Striker Chukka, Closer Cap Toe and Gambit Double Monk.

Just like last year, these shoes won't last long. Get them while you can!