Thank you.

At the beginning of April, we made a commitment to support others as we went through these unexpected times. Joining Brands x Better surrounded us with like-minded brands with a shared goal of providing necessary aid to charities. Together, we were able to support our communities and work towards a better tomorrow. 

Support kids through Kidango.

It all began with you. As a customer, 10% of the net proceeds from your purchase was donated to our chosen charity, Kidango. We believed in their mission that setting children on the right foot early can have lasting positive impacts on their lives. Kidango reaches thousands of children, often from low-income families, to prepare them for kindergarten with the support of safe, healthy environments and relationships. 

Together, we can do more. 

While we may be apart during these hard times, we are not alone. Our support was matched, dollar for dollar, by the Steve Nash Foundation through our ongoing collaboration with Steve Nash. Together, we are proud to have contributed $20,000 to support young futures. 

Want to hear more? 

We were touched by these testimonials from families whose kids’ lives are enhanced through their relationship with Kidango. 

“Today a care package arrived. Much needed wipes and diapers. There were some dinner things. Enough to stretch a few dinners out of. There were snacks. There was paper for finger painting. This box meant so much to us. We have been scrambling to find more than the tiny expensive pack of diapers at the grocery store. Standing in line for hours is not an option for my family. Because if Lou were to catch CoVid he most likely would not make it through. I have not been able to work since March, because of the Quarantine. Money is beyond tight. I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Jeanine and the rest of Kidango for the care package for Luis. But just maybe you can see it in Luis' smile. Thank you!”  - Gina 

“WOW! All I can say is thank you!!! The food has helped me so much, being a single mother with my hours cut has been tough. There were times where my son was very hungry and the food supplied here helped so much!!! And the quality is great. Thank you!!!”

“Thank you for all the food that you are giving me to feed my family during this time” - Ashlyn

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