Simple tips for looking polished. 

Wanting to look more put together? Here are our style do’s and don’ts to keep you looking your best.

1. Match your shoes and belt

The tagline taught from grandfather to father to son. We’ve all heard this yet we often seem to forget this easy pairing. Matching the colors will make you look polished in no time.

2. Quality over quantity

Unless you’re a 5 year old growing out of sizes like there’s no tomorrow, it’s time to invest in quality pieces that’ll last down the road. Proper stitching and distinctive fabrics are well worth the extra dollar. 

    3. The right fit

    When was the last time you got measured? Odds are it was a while ago. Having nice clothes means nothing if they don’t fit. Be sure to stay up to date on your size to ensure the right fit and make it easy to look your best. 

      4. Neutrals make it easy to create an outfit

      Navy, beige, black and white. Any combination of colors like these make outfits a breeze. A neutral wardrobe makes it possible to pick an outfit in the dark and still look good. Maybe we don’t recommend it but hey, we are open to trying new things. 

        5. Bring on the basics

        A clean white tee. Your favorite denim jeans. These favorites are already in your closet but do you know that there’s more to basics than just these? Incorporating color variants of the clean tee style makes it easy to start pairing new outfits together. 

          6. Style > Trends

          If you read it at the top of a magazine article, it’s a trend. While we love staying in with the now, it is important to keep your individual style as yours. Invest in longevity for your pieces and you’ll thank your past self later down the road.

          7. Choose the right style for situations

          Baseball game with the family? Or black tie gala? Make sure you come prepared with an outfit that fits in with your surroundings. Maybe our Crossover Longwings aren’t right at a gala, but they’re our go-to for the game. 

            8. Gym shoes stay at the gym

            We hope this goes without saying. Gym shoes thrive in the confines of a gym or workout studio. Outside those walls? We are hoping you opt for something else… 

              9. Keep an iron or steamer close 

              Wrinkles only look good on bulldogs or pugs. Going the extra mile in the morning really sets you apart for the rest of the day. 

                10. Don’t be afraid of patterns

                Designs can make you stick out in the crowd in all the best ways. Choosing the right pattern can flatter your body type and make you walk with more confidence in every step- Tested and proven by ourselves of course.