Picking the right shoe for the night out is no easy task. While the loafer is too casual for a bar, the dress shoe is too formal for dinner. How does one choose between comfort and aesthetic and yet, still dress to perform?

That’s why the Wolf Pack is here to introduce the Chelsea Blitz. Balancing formality with performance, the Chelsea Blitz boot offers unprecedented elements that serve as the perfect choice for virtually any situation -- whether it is taking a client out for drinks or even going on a date.

Firstly, the Chelsea’s sleek design and lack of laces allow for a smooth and unhindered night out. Keeping laces tight and under control is a nuisance and a distraction, especially when there are guests to entertain. The laceless boot removes such worries by ultimately turning an obstacle into an opportunity. Showing off this unrivaled hand-crafted Italian leather boot as well as matching it with cuffed jeans will prove to those clients that you are a sophisticated player in the game.

Sure the Chelsea Blitz looks good, but does it feel good? With revolutionary technology in the shoe industry, founder and designer Justin Schneider manages to combine classic aesthetic with comfortable performance. Lightweight with laser-cut resolable traction, movement in the Chelsea is simple and easy. Furthermore, arch stability with a memory footbed allows for increased support  -- perfect for standing at the bar and letting your date sit down.

Get ahead this weekend and check out Wolf and Shepherd’s Chelsea Blitz.