We've moved! Wolf & Shepherd has officially relocated to Los Angeles. We made the coast to coast move from Jacksonville, FLA., to open up a new Wolf & Shepherd warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.. 

We could not be more excited to take advantage of the endless opportunities in a city filled with innovation and style. Wolf & Shepherd chose to move west to begin the growth of our team and to reach our most loyal customer base. 

The work environment of LA requires professionals to constantly be on their feet. The city is full of professionals ambitiously pursuing dreams. This constantly moving working environment demands more of professional's dress shoes. Wolf & Shepherd performance dress shoes constructed with running shoe technology will keep professionals dressed to perform and compete with fellow dream chasers. 

The active lifestyle of the pacific coast next to the hard-working city makes LA the perfect fit for a performance dress shoe company that has proven its shoes can handle the balance of work and play.

If you are in LA, stop by our warehouse location to experience our shoes and say hello! 

Wolf & Shepherd HQ
406 Amapola Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90501