A doctor and model- Adam Caldera can do it all. 

Growing up, everyone plans a future with unrestricted ambitions for their career and goals. Examining the flow of their name with idolized titles like “Dr.” in front. Standing out from the pack, Adam Caldera never lost sight of his goal… or should we say goals? Adam has acquired two titles that bring prestige in opposite fields. As a doctor and model, he has mastered both skills to a high degree. He’s humbly teaching us to live as more than just the expectations. 

Adam shows us there are two sides to every coin, and Adam’s coin happens to be shiny on both sides. One of his roles is an emergency medicine doctor. Wrapping up his residency in New York, COVID-19 provided an unforgettable capstone to his training in the city. During times like we are currently facing, we’re glad to know the best of the best are on the front line. While we love to see Adam flash his smile for the camera, we’re glad to see he’s covering it and encouraging others to wear a mask as well. Here at W&S, we’re doing our part to encourage staying safe and protecting others with our new face mask. Designed to protect in style with a pocket for replaceable BFE filters and comfortable, breathable fabric. 

Since Adam is busy saving the world this year, we are glad we got the chance to connect with him last July. During that time, we met the model side of Adam as he fashioned our latest styles. The Sri Lankan model knew how to wear a suit and sell a story all with his look. As we learned more about his journey, he became more and more of a superhero in our minds. His ability to do and be it all seems never ending. Juggling life with medical school then residency is hard enough. Tacking on a modeling career to his resume seems just about impossible. Yet, here Adam is. A true idol and inspiration for being more than the expected. 

To Adam and the medical community- thank you for your sacrifices. 

To our friends at home- stay safe.