Focus. Drive. Determination. When we think of the traits that embody Wolf & Shepherd, these are often among the first that come to mind. It’s those elements of self-reliance and grit that helped us build who we are, and fuel us to where we want to be. However, these ideals aren’t just for a singular goal. We believe that passion is best applied to a variety of pursuits, and that mastering one thing is merely a stop on a path towards many.

It’s hard to think of an athlete who embodies these traits more than Kobe Bryant, whose dedication towards his craft propelled him to greatness in basketball. As it turns out he too is just beginning. With his hand in multiple investments, international initiatives, and much more we expect continued success in Kobe’s legacy. Here he is in the latest issue of GQ Taiwan wearing our Onyx Chelsea Blitz. Or in this case, the Black Mamba Chelsea Blitz.

Full article in GQ Taiwan can be found here (you may need to translate before reading):