Wedding season is back in full swing! It seems every weekend there’s a new wedding to attend, which means reconnecting with old friends, family members, and a few people you thought you’d never see again. Looking your best is not just a goal - it’s a requirement - and being camera-ready for non-stop photos means taking care of every detail. This starts with wearing shoes that not only speak to who you are, but who you’ve become: a refined gentleman who isn’t afraid to tear it up on the dance floor. However, with so many wedding styles these days how do you choose the right shoe? The style team at Wolf & Shepherd is here to help.

For A Traditional Wedding

Many weddings still follow formal customs, meaning a more traditional look is required. You’ll need something sleek, subtle and above all else: classic. In this case, look no further than the Closer Cap Toe. Designed with a traditional European silhouette, the Closer’s elegant lines and clean finish will elevate your style and complete your outfit. It’s a sophisticated shoe - but hey, you’re a pretty sophisticated guy.

Closer Cap-Toe - Onyx


Aiming to spice it up a bit? Look no further than the Senna Wingtip, which adds a modern spin to a timeless look. Cut from the same last as our Closer Cap Toe, the Wing Tip adds custom trim and detailing to an already beautiful design. Pair these with your sharpest suit to let those around you know that you’re dressing to perform, no matter where life takes you.

Senna Wingtip - Maple


For a Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings have become a hot trend recently; chances are you’ll find yourself attending one sooner rather than later. Paying homage to the outdoors and nature-inspired elements, these events lean a bit more casual, which gives you a great opportunity to show off more of your personal style. Be ready for the challenge this season with our Striker Chukka. Combining outdoor ruggedness with upscale design, it’s the perfect combination of comfort, utility and style. Pair with your best tan or brown suit for a look that’s sure to score with everyone around you.

Striker Chukka - Bullet


For a Beach Wedding

A theme that stretches across decades - the beach wedding. Typically the most casual wedding of the bunch, it can often be the trickiest to dress for. Full suit? Linens? Short-sleeves? One great option: rock a smooth and effortless look with light-colored cotton or linen suit. Regardless of what you decide, our Ringer Loafer is a can’t-miss option for your feet that will tie any look together. It’s our take on the casual loafer; easygoing and comfortable, with an unmistakable style edge. It’s the perfect shoe for dressing down while still dressing up.

Ringer Loafer - Maple


Weddings are some of the biggest events of the year, so finding that balance between comfort and aesthetic is crucial for feeling your very best. Fortunately, with a pair Wolf & Shepherds, getting dressed for any occasion can be stress-free. By using revolutionary technology in the shoe industry, we’re combining the aesthetics of Italian leather dress shoes with running shoe comfort. We’ve created the perfect shoe to perform all day (and night) in.