The all new dress code.


What They Are

Hybrid dress shoes are redefining workplace footwear by offering a more casual alternative to standard dress shoes. They take many forms, but typically have the look and shape of a dress shoe while incorporating materials often seen in athletic shoes or sneakers. Our Crossover, for example, uses an agile, sneaker-like sole that sits below our premium Italian leather upper. Uniting these functions gives flexibility to your wardrobe, dressing up casual outfits and dressing down formal ones.

Not every setting warrants a full suit, just many situations require more than a pair of sneakers.  Occupying that space in-between suit and sneaker is the broadly defined “Business Casual” dress code. This wide range can create problems for men, and often leads to outfit combinations that feel more forced than functional. Hybrids give clarity to "Business Casual" by combining complementary elements from both sides in ways that make sense for a variety of scenarios. When done right - like with our Crossover - you have a shoe you can be confident is appropriate for your environment.

When Do You Wear Them?

One of the great things about hybrids is they’re appropriate in an endless amount of settings. 

Some of the best places are:

  • Business Casual office settings

  • Events with family and friends

  • An evening at a new restaurant

  • Nights out on the town

  • Pretty much any time you want to look put together, but not overdo it 

What Do You Wear With Them?

Hybrids thrive in business casual settings, but are certainly not limited to them. We think they pair best with slacks/trousers and a jacket, khakis, denim, chinos, and plenty more. They certainly look great with a full suit and tie, but consider your environment before pairing them together.

With the Crossover, we've made a product that stands apart from other hybrid dress shoes by using the same premium Italian leather and memory foam cushioning that makes our traditional dress shoes so comfortable.

crossover wingtip onyx