Determination. Heart. Teamwork. Competitiveness. Humility. 


So much of who we become on the court or field is a reflection of the values we hold dearest. It’s us in our rawest form; a peek into our both our psyche and our guts. Combine enough of the right qualities and you’ll have someone people gravitate towards. Bust your ass with those traits for long enough and you might just become a legend.


One doesn’t have to think long before coming up with a laundry list of positive attributes to describe Steve Nash’s 18-year NBA career. His attitude and approach saw him receive two MVP awards, and in 2018, acceptance into the NBA Hall of Fame. Every bit of it earned.


It should come as no surprise then that he’s taken that same mentality towards the next chapter of his life, which includes multiple business ventures, projects, and most importantly his charity: the Steve Nash Foundation, a multi-armed charity that provides opportunities for underserved children.


Steve is someone we’ve wanted to work with for a long time, and last summer we were fortunate enough to get introduced to him. After a few conversations and a shared appreciation for life, creativity, and sports, we decided it was time we collaborate with one another.


We’re proud to announce Steve Nash as our first official ambassador to Wolf & Shepherd! We believe Steve is the ideal Wolf & Shepherd man: his desire to both personally grow and positively impact others is exactly who we want to surround ourselves with, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store.


To Steve, Welcome to the Pack! 


To everyone else, as part of this collaboration we have an all-new shoe coming soon! A portion of proceeds will go directly to the Steve Nash Foundation. Stay tuned for more info!