We can all learn a lesson about perseverance from Daniel Steres. The man who never gave up on his goal of playing in Major League Soccer. A bid into the highest ranking league in the United States indicates skill, commitment and passion. Daniel added one more description to the list through persevering in his long road to gaining this rightful spot. 

Starting out as many others do, Daniel’s youth revolved around a ball. His passion grew to unimaginable heights as he competed through varsity in high school and the highest level in college. His perseverance eventually led him to break out of his leading role on the reserve team- a feat few can ever pull off. While he played in the USL league, he accumulated multiple Defender of the Year awards as well as achieving enormous accomplishments along the way. 

Daniel’s time to shine has come as the unbeatable LA Galaxy central defender. Hard working falls short when describing him. It sets him up to deserve every minute he plays and explains why he’s a large contributor to thank for the Galaxy’s amazing performance. 

Currently rostered as #5, Daniel continues making Los Angeles proud. Outside of his life in cleats, he is joining Wolf & Shepherd as an ambassador! His perseverance, commitment and excellence paint him as the ideal man we want to be. We can’t wait to cheer our idol on this season.

Welcome to the Wolf Pack, Daniel!