Name: Albert Castiel III

Location: New England, NYC, Florida

Profession: Menswear Writer and Blogger

Favorite WS shoe: The Gambit Maple Double-monk

As a professional menswear writer, Al knows a thing or two about men’s style and fashion. Al’s background as a New Yorker with Italian heritage blends well with his southern Floridian style to create a unique personal style: rooted in traditional American menswear, with Britsh influence and Italian flare.

Al rocks his Wolf & Shepherd Gambit Maple Double-monks both casually and formally. He pairs the double strap shoes with blue jeans and a sports shirt for a more casual look when out for dinner or drinks with friends. To dress things up for business or more formal events, Al compliments the classic style shoe with a suit or a blue linen sports jacket, a collared shirt and classic European single forward pleated off-white trousers.

Al’s Review of the Gambit Maple Double-monk

” Made in Portugal, the hand-stitched shoes have supple, quality leather and even feature a nicely burnished toe box. The shoe’s last is sleek, but not exaggerated, and the inside tongue of the shoe is even padded, a pleasant surprise for a guy like me with rather bony feet. In addition to their monk straps, they also sell lace-ups, loafers, and boots that all boast the same innovative technology that ensures hours and hours of comfortable wear. 

Thanks to Wolf & Shepherd, NYC commuters will no longer have to switch between sneakers and dress shoes on the way to the office and back, and sore feet after a long day at work can be a thing of the past”. (Read more of the review on Al’s blog)



After he gave our Gambit Maple Double-monk a try, we asked Al a few more questions about his Wolf & Shepherd experience:

  1. Favorite W&S Style?Gambit Maple Double-monk
  1. Where do you most often wear your W&S shoes? When out for dinner, in business settings, or to more formal social events.
  2. How do you style your Gambit Double-monks? With a suit, or  (as pictured below) with a blue linen sports jacket, cutaway collar bengal stripe dress shirt, and single forward pleated off-white trousers.


    Menswear Writer Al Castiel III styles the Gambit Maple Double-monk with a blue linen sports jacket, cutaway collar bengal stripe dress shirt, and single forward pleated off-white trousers.
  3. How would you describe your personal style? My style is heavily rooted in traditional American menswear, with a strong British influence and some Italian “sprezzatura” thrown in.
  4. Style tips for the Gambit Double-monk? Don’t be afraid to wear the Gambit Double-Monk sockless in the summertime with a slightly shorter trouser that shows some ankle– they can also be worn more casually with a pair of dark jeans and a sports shirt or a turtleneck in the fall or winter.
  5. What was your initial reaction to trying on the Gambit Maple Double-monk? “Man, these are insanely comfortable”.
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