Uniforms seem essential for athletes, but can we ditch ours in the workplace? 

Sweatpants, a hoodie and our favorite printed socks. That’s an outfit that we have all embraced during WFH, otherwise known as work from home. For many, the inevitable intervention has arrived: real clothes. As we filter back into what we vaguely remember as “normalcy”, we’re wondering how our day-to-day office style has changed. Is casual Friday now every day that ends in “y”? 

Here are our seven tips for dressing as WFH ends:

1. You don’t have to kick comfort to the curb. Unforgiving buttons and tight belts are not essential.

2. Layers. Here in Los Angeles, we’re used to soaring temperatures. We like to layer up to adjust from the sun to the indoor AC.

3. Don’t daydream about your sweats. They will be there when you get back and plus, you’ve got work to do.

    4. Solids are always a good choice. Forgot how to pair pants with a shirt? Stick to the basics and you can’t go wrong. Shop our favorite polo from Todd Snyder here.

      5. Shoes hold the power. They can make or break your day, and outfit. Our new Monaco Loafers epitomize comfort with an exclusive memory foam that’ll keep you in awe all day.

      6. Dare we say wear jeans? Maybe you can settle for trousers depending on your office but we’re hoping casual Friday takes a lead everyday.

      7. A mask. While it may not bring physical comfort, it does bring many peace of mind. Check out our line of masks combining style and safety. 

      Good luck!