Sunoh Choe’s Review of Wolf & Shepherd Shoes - He’s Customer #5.

The other day, one of our happy customers tagged us in his post to Facebook. We thought we’d share his pictures, profile and review below. Take a look to see what Sunoh thinks.

Name: Sunoh Choe

Profession: UI/UX Designer

Shoe Style: The Sequoia Ringer

Next Style: Onyx Closer for this Fall.


Commute: Walks and bikes to work in Minneapolis.



Many of you know about Wolf & Shepherd, a shoe company that my good friend Justin launched last year. I was Order #5 when these first went live. I was so excited I placed the order from my hotel in Portugal.

Well, they finally came in the mail today and here's the verdict:

UPPER // I got the Sequoia Ringers (loafers). First things first, these shoes are on a different level. I'm not exaggerating when I say the leather upper is buttery soft. Am I allowed to use the word "supple" to describe shoe-leather? 'Cause when you slide your foot into these shoes, the leather stretches and conforms, making it feel secure and coddled. Yes, it sounds sexual but that's how good these things feel when you slide them onto your feet for the first time.

I have no idea where Justin was able to source this kind of a leather but I can't get over how comfortable it is. The leather is actually pretty thick but the texture is soft and you can see the grain details. The color is bold, consistent, and exactly the summer-look I was going for.


LOWER // The inside has a memory foam footbed and padded arch-support. If you don't think that's an upgrade to your current dress shoes, you're missing out... The heel has a dense compression foam layer—NOT WOOD like in other quality dress shoes. The difference in comfort between foam and wood is significant. Ask yourself this: would you rather stand on wood for 8 hours a day or compressed foam?

Another thing that I love about these heels is that there's a practical amount of firmness to them (so you're not sinking in sand) combined with a padded give/cushiness to them that minimizes the fatigue on your heel-bone. Why hasn't anyone figured this out before?

BOTTOM LINE // These shoes felt so comfy, I actually wore them without socks (yes, no #SockGame today) so that my naked feet could feel the powdery soft calfskin leather hug my feet and let my heels sink into the cushy memory foam.

We all know that a nice pair of shoes can make your entire outfit look slick. Now, you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. You can have both. Wolf & Shepherd, #DresstoPerform and upgrade those rigid-a** dress shoes from the 1700s. 

*Posted to Facebook on September 1st, 2015 and approved by Sunoh Choe.