We are against racism.
We are against violence.
We stand for equality.
We stand for justice.
Black Lives Matter.

As an organization..…we can do more. 

Starting from within, we promise to:

  • Employ people of color across the organization and in leadership positions.
  • Create a corporate forum to promote and encourage equality and opportunity.
  • Promptly identify and partner with organizations fighting against systemic racism, and who support and elevate the Black community.

Like many of you, I have struggled to process the senseless killing of George Floyd and other less well known, but just as agonizing tragedies and acts of violence. I hurt for the pain and racial injustice many generations of black families and families of color have had to face. I want to see a better world for our community, team members and customers.

We as an organization want to thank each of you in our community who are using their voices and resources to make a change. We stand with you and are determined to be a source of love and support today and for generations to come. 

Justin Schneider + The Wolf & Shepherd Team

We stand with you and are determined to be a source of love and support for generations to come. 

As a note, we want to hear from you and encourage you to reach out to us with constructive thoughts and suggestions at listen@wolfandshepherd.com