Bannister Derby vs. Closer Cap Toe

At first glance they look like brothers - maybe even fraternal twins - but the Bannister Derby and Closer Cap Toe are distinctly different shoes. So how to you go about choosing which one to add to your collection? While the obvious answer is “get ‘em both”, for those who prefer ordering one at a time we’ve broken out the differences to help with your decision.

The Most Obvious: The Lacing

The most noticeable difference between these shoes is the eyelets. While the Cap Toe (or Oxford) uses a closed lace system that’s sewn down underneath the vamp, while the Derby opts for open eyelets sewn on top.

(Pictured here: Bannister Derby in Onyx)

derby shoe

The Not-So Obvious: The Formality

Traditionally, Cap Toes are seen as more formal dress shoes, while Derby’s lean a bit more casual. Both can easily be pulled off in dressed up or down looks, however for your nicest events we’d recommend the Cap Toe

(Pictured here: Closer Cap Toe in Onyx)

cap toe

Wolf & Shepherd differences: The Cap

Although some Derby’s do have the “cap toe” look, ours do not, creating a more minimalist, classic Derby look. The Cap Toe, of course, has stitching near the toe.

(Pictured here: Closer Cap Toe in Maple)

cap toe shoe

In conclusion, they’re both amazing, popular shoes that belong in every person's closet. Head to our Collections Page and decide for yourself!