Home of the best pasta, fine wines and our leathers. 

Vacation- A faint memory in the back of all our heads. A time to relax and change your scenery. While no one may not be going on these getaways anytime soon, we still like to plan them in our day dreams. This week, we’re traveling to Italy- in our thoughts at least. We have acquired the best tour guide available, Antonio Colella. On the side of this very real job, he is also Wolf & Shepherd’s Lead developer. Originating from Italy, he knows the ins and outs of where we should visit. 

Italy has many enticing reasons to visit the country including their deep foundation in architecture, the arts and cuisine. The attraction that caught our eyes? The tanneries. Priding ourselves on creating quality shoes, we make sure a shoe’s journey begins with the end in mind. Antonio does this by selecting italian leather for all our shoes. Whether it’s full-top grain, calfskin upper or real suede, it’s chosen for being the highest level of quality. Beginning with cowhides from Germany, the Netherlands or Italy itself, the standards for quality control and animal treatment are the world’s best. Once imported to Italy, the tanneries' abundance of experience has led to their specialized techniques for treating the cowhide. The result? Italy’s uniquely perfected leathers trademarked by their feel and smell. A difference well worth its dollar.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Italy

As recommended by a local  

1. Puglia: The first on Antonio’s list is his hometown, otherwise known as Apulia. For those whose vacations must include a bathing suit, this region has the longest coastline in Italy. With no shortage of waves hitting a shore, it’ll provide the best beaches to dig your toes in. Located on the heel of Italy’s iconic boot shape, you are sure to find a plethora of gorgeous views in the charming region.


2. Tremitis Island: Just a ferry boat away from Puglia, these islands offer their own oasis as well as a rich history. For the nature enthusiasts, this is the destination to have your eyes on. With clear diving waters and uninhabited lands, you’re able to spectate nature in the most authentic ways. 

3. Rome: No trip to Italy is complete without a journey to one of the world's most famous tourist destinations. A day in the city isn’t enough to qualify as scratching the surface. Our expert tour guide Antonio recommends at least 3 days in the eternal city. We plan on taking a whole week here- just to be on the safe side. Make sure to spend at least one day in Navona Square to see the Four Rivers Fountain and more, but make sure you bring a map…

4. Florence: On the list is another hub spot that could render a vacation incomplete if left behind. Known for its breathtaking cathedrals, the city is alive with history at every street corner. A lesser known aspect to Florence is its tanneries. While this is just a fraction of its attractions, we find it the most riveting of all. Looking for more touristy spots? We’d recommend visiting Michelangelo's David or escaping to the Boboli Gardens for a peaceful afternoon.

5. Marche: The final destination on our list is the Marche region located in Central Italy along the Adriatic seaside. Known as one of the few regions off the beaten path, it is the place to go for an authentic Italian experience. Another reason we love it? Antonio refers to it as “the  shoe capital of Italy”. Understand our interests there now?

Whether this Italian vacation is next week or in 5 years, we’re still looking forward to it. Special thank you to our tour guide, Antonio.