5 Reasons Why Athletes Love Wolf & Shepherd 

Over the past few years, top athletes from around the world have been seen wearing Wolf & Shepherd dress shoes. Legends including Steve Nash, Rob Gronkowski, Brady Quinn and more, current and former professional athletes can’t seem to get enough of this brand and what they stand for. Here’s why:



  1. Athletic innovation

Wolf & Shepherd combines real athletic innovation with classic dress shoe styles to create footwear unlike anything else. Founder Justin Schneider spent years at Adidas and New Balance before starting his company, and has incorporated features explicitly designed to keep you feeling light and agile all day.



  1. They ran and WON a half marathon in them

In 2016 Juris Silenieks ran the Hotlanta Half Marathon in Wolf & Shepherd's Closer Cap Toe. Pretty impressive, right? Now get this: He WON the entire race. It’s a feat that’s almost beyond comprehension, and is something that has kept the athletic world buzzing for some time. The story quickly spread and was featured in Forbes, USA Today, and Men’s Journal.



  1. Comfort is their top priority

Athletes spend an enormous part of their lives pushing their body through pain. Finding products that reduce that - whether working or relaxing - is critical to their health and well-being. With impact-resistant memory foam cushioning and soft Italian leather, Wolf & Shepherd’s distinctive comfort is made to live up to athletes’ high standards.



  1. They perform under pressure

Wolf & Shepherd products are designed to perform in high stress environments - something athletes know a thing or two about. By emphasizing features like durability, flexibility, and support, Wolf & Shepherd shoes are a familiar, preferred experience that athletes of all disciplines love.



  1. Rooted in sport

Founder Justin Schneider is a former Track athlete himself, competing in the decathlon at Notre Dame. He draws much of Wolf & Shepherd’s inspiration from athletics, and has always been fascinated by tools that aid in performance. Two of their products are even named after athletes: the Bannister Derby, named after Sir Roger Bannister, and the Senna Wingtip, named after Formula-1 driver Ayrton Senna.
Whether professional athlete or not, Wolf & Shepherd shoes support you on your journey upwards. Shop the collection today and experience the difference!  

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