Since 1998, Luis Fonsi has made a profound impact on Latin American Music. He’s loved by many and only continues to prove that he is a man of true grit. That's why it is no surprise that he is wearing a pair of Wolf and Shepherd Chelsea Blitz in the latest issue of Esquire Magazine.

Fonsi’s list of achievements are virtually never-ending. He’s been called the "Leader of Latin Music's New Generation,” and even  performed for the Pope. His new single “Despacito” is allowing him to hit a new kind of stride.

An exploration of romance and love through Puerto Rican reggaeton-pop, “Despacito” currently retains 3 billion views on Youtube and 4.6 billion total streams -- the most of all time. There is no doubting that Fonsi’s new single is his most successful.

After two years of not releasing any music, Fonsi was eager to release something that made people move. He’s said that he wanted to make “a fun track that had that Latin feel with a melody that I feel very comfortable singing and that will make people just dance.”

Although Fonsi’s new piece celebrates Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, it is played across several Latin American markets including Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

With an untouchable musical intuition and a deep passion for dance, Fonsi's choice of the sleek Chelsea Blitz is understandable. Perfect for striking a balance between casual and sophisticated, the Chelsea Blitz is the ultimate boot for nights out. No laces, smooth leather and a stylish feel -- the Chelsea is made for those ready to confidently dance the night away.