Jeremy Renner sports the Wolf & Shepherd Senna Onyx Wingtip in his cover feature in Nobleman Magazine’s summer issue. The Academy Award winning actor is best known for his roles in The Hurt Locker, Marvel’s The Avengers, and Captain America: Civil War. Renner is one of hollywood’s most sought after actors for his ability to play multi-dimensional roles and for his ‘tough guy’ appearance.



Wolf & Shepherd found the collaboration with Jeremy Renner appropriate because of his predominately action-packed roles. The comfort and style of our shoes makes for the perfect combination for any action star who needs to look the part while performing hardcore stunts. In fact, while filming his upcoming movie, “Tag”, Renner recently broke both of his arms performing a stunt! Wolf & Shepherd performs for any actor playing roles that require such intense stunts while maintaining classic style.


 Jeremy Renner styled the Wolf & Shepherd Senna Onyx Wingtip along with apparel from brands like Alexander McQueen, All Saints, ISAIA, D’Squared and Robert Cavali. Check out Nobleman Magazine's summer issue cover story on Jeremy Renner to see our shoes and read more on the action star. 



Jeremy Renner on the Cover of Nobleman Magazine Summer 2017 Issue



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